Wild and Free

Sorry for being lazy and not updating my blog regularly. While this doesn't mean I'm not actively shooting.

I've been shooting portraits in LA for almost 2 years. Thanks to the fantastic resources offered by Los Angeles, I have the full support from models, MUAs and stylists, enjoy the great locations and always sunny weather, and more importantly, abundant shooting concepts that wait for my execution. 

This time, while actually this July, I did a short travel with Alison to the desert area in Palmdale, CA. Our concept was to create an image of an outcast in the wild desert, with nobody but herself, reflecting the meaning of life and destinations.   

The shooting only took an hour because we wanted to capture the perfect golden hour. And it turned out to be satisfying! Let me know what you guys think :)

Soul Capturer

I always ask myself, do I feel accomplished after all these fine works? The answer is: it depends, depends not only on the end results but the experience while working with the creative minds. 

I want to use my camera to freeze the perfect moment, and more importantly, to capture the soul. The souls of different people, so unique and subtle, are the fascinating things in my eyes. That's why I collaborated with Elissa for the second time, trying to know this person more and capture the different vibes from the last shot. 

The shoot was taken at her place, a beautiful house in San Clemente, CA. It took me 90 minutes driving there, but when I got there, the place itself told me it's worth it. 

We talked while shooting, so it was fast and productive for our second collaboration. The theme was "Summer Rewind". Please check the works here :)

My Little Happiness

I'm a big fan of minimalism. There's a Chinese old saying that "The most sophisticated thing always has the simplest form". Creating powerful photos with simple elements is sometimes even harder, given less texture, background, and items that model can interact with. But it's so fun and I love the challenge. 

First of all, big shoutout to the amazing model Elissa (@elissafvilla) and MUA Laura (@lauramariekawas), who helped me to realize the concept of "My Little Hapiness" theme with Japanese minimalist style. Also this time I fortunately had the change to test drive Leica SL mirrorless camera with Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4 Lens! Check the images below, the third to the sixth photo were taken by Leica one, you will tell the difference. 

In order to create the "peacefully beautiful" theme, I asked the MUA to put soft and natural makeup for model, and asked the model to wear comfortable , loose and pure color dress. The pose should be natural and even "lazy" to some degree. Same thing with facial expression, relax and lack of aggressiveness will totally catch the mood. Now it's the time to take actual photos, I tried to use more eye-level shot to decrease the "aggressiveness" and sometimes only capture the certain part of model's body (ex. crop the face intentionally). At the very end, I switched from 35mm lens to 85mm one to capture the headshot, which is a little bit off the core concept but nice to have because I just love the model's eyes :) In terms of the post editing, soft light, a bit dark and warm tone can create the amazing effect and totally emphasis the mood. Also, I added some noises to make the photos even more soft and film-liked Japanese tone. 

Now please enjoy the works. More regular posts please visit my Instagram @chasingfoto.  

Silent Bomber

Third time shooting with Thu. The best part of our collaboration is we always have the same taste and vision when we plan for the shoot and do it on the scene. This time is even more magic. She proposed to do a different style that exactly matches my recent taste —— the dark tone. 

The shoot itself was super easy technically. One camera and 35MM lens for the most of the time (85MM occasionally) handled the job perfectly. The only tricky part is how to create the contrast with light and shadow. Other than using a flash with a softbox, I also asked Thu to stand right next to the window, and I moved to the balcony and shoot from outside. Doing so, the window itself acts as a light diffuser, which creates soft light on model's face, and with the objects reflected on the window, I managed to produce "double-exposure" effect in one shot. 

Furthermore, I tried shooting with my recently bought Nikon F4 film camera with old 35 2D lens. The photos turned out to be amazing! No filter, no Photoshop, just pure color came originally from the film.

Here're some photos from this shoot. 

Light Through the Window

Lately I've been trying shooting indoor photos with the limited light source. This time I collaborated with Seven who traveled from east coast to LA. We were planning to create a depressed and even sad vibe for the work, and we made it.

The shoot took 2 hours in total, but the first hour was actually just chatting about the concepts. Working with a model, who shares the same taste of art and can really perform the "act" the same way as I picture, is amazing.

Achieving the satisfactory result, I will doing more "dark tone" shoot in the future.

Urban Attempt

Sometimes we need lots of preparation before shoot, sometimes we don't. Two weeks before I got my scheduled shoot canceled. Within one day, I got in touch with Kristina, just a random model who reached out to me on Instagram, and fill in the gap with her help. I didn't expect too much due to our short preparation period. 

We met and shot for 2 hours. Amazingly, the photos turned out to be awesome! I could foresee the final edited works the moment I pressed the shutter! It's nothing about fancy setup or lightning this time, but the mutual appreciation of art in our collaboration.

See the final works here:








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Lost girl lost

Bonnie is a cute Chinese girl who can tell stories straight from her eyes without moving the lips. I decided to create strong contrast between her cuteness and the street/urban type of vibes that make her really stand out in the photos. And we did it.

Wandering in the market

Weeks ago, I randomly got in touch with Antonia, a girl from Bay with full dreams of her actress career. We ended up with collaborating a photo shooting session that spontaneously happened in one of the most famous tourist place - LA Grand Central Market. We tried to avoid crowds to make clean portrait photos and eventually did some. Then we switched to a more easier spot where the colorful ladders and greeneries create peaceful and artistic mood. Check the works below: