Silent Bomber

Third time shooting with Thu. The best part of our collaboration is we always have the same taste and vision when we plan for the shoot and do it on the scene. This time is even more magic. She proposed to do a different style that exactly matches my recent taste —— the dark tone. 

The shoot itself was super easy technically. One camera and 35MM lens for the most of the time (85MM occasionally) handled the job perfectly. The only tricky part is how to create the contrast with light and shadow. Other than using a flash with a softbox, I also asked Thu to stand right next to the window, and I moved to the balcony and shoot from outside. Doing so, the window itself acts as a light diffuser, which creates soft light on model's face, and with the objects reflected on the window, I managed to produce "double-exposure" effect in one shot. 

Furthermore, I tried shooting with my recently bought Nikon F4 film camera with old 35 2D lens. The photos turned out to be amazing! No filter, no Photoshop, just pure color came originally from the film.

Here're some photos from this shoot.