My Little Happiness

I'm a big fan of minimalism. There's a Chinese old saying that "The most sophisticated thing always has the simplest form". Creating powerful photos with simple elements is sometimes even harder, given less texture, background, and items that model can interact with. But it's so fun and I love the challenge. 

First of all, big shoutout to the amazing model Elissa (@elissafvilla) and MUA Laura (@lauramariekawas), who helped me to realize the concept of "My Little Hapiness" theme with Japanese minimalist style. Also this time I fortunately had the change to test drive Leica SL mirrorless camera with Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4 Lens! Check the images below, the third to the sixth photo were taken by Leica one, you will tell the difference. 

In order to create the "peacefully beautiful" theme, I asked the MUA to put soft and natural makeup for model, and asked the model to wear comfortable , loose and pure color dress. The pose should be natural and even "lazy" to some degree. Same thing with facial expression, relax and lack of aggressiveness will totally catch the mood. Now it's the time to take actual photos, I tried to use more eye-level shot to decrease the "aggressiveness" and sometimes only capture the certain part of model's body (ex. crop the face intentionally). At the very end, I switched from 35mm lens to 85mm one to capture the headshot, which is a little bit off the core concept but nice to have because I just love the model's eyes :) In terms of the post editing, soft light, a bit dark and warm tone can create the amazing effect and totally emphasis the mood. Also, I added some noises to make the photos even more soft and film-liked Japanese tone. 

Now please enjoy the works. More regular posts please visit my Instagram @chasingfoto.